Meet The Team

Quinn recognizes that a healthy body is vital to a healthy approach to relationships and has been coaching for close to two decades on relationships, fitness, and sport psychology. After receiving his BSc in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology from Dalhousie University, he began to fulfill his deep passion for helping people navigate and overcome personal challenges to achieve ambitious goals. He has a variety of educational certificates in mindfulness meditation and leadership and offers his clients a partner in their continued growth and lifelong learning, helping guide you to your best self.

Merri is a professional and experienced international coach, across dating and romantic relationships. Qualified through world class, ICF-approved Relationship Coaching Institute and Relationship Hero’s in-house coaching training, she has worked with hundreds of clients, single and in relationships through varied situations. Merri’s compassion, understanding and ability to provide a safe, non judgemental space to support and assist clients navigate the concerns, decisions, peaks and troughs of dating and romantic relationships is what makes her a clear and strong choice for her clients.