Module 1- What is Desire?


The most common story with couples is that their relationship started out with extraordinary potential and descended into mediocrity. We begin this program by diving into what desire really is- it is a psychological space. Desire is sexuality transformed by the imagination. We will work together to uncover the genesis of when desire started to dissipate in your relationship. Sexual desire can be negatively influenced by many things. We will look at the usual suspects and pinpoint the specific factors that played a role in reducing desire in your relationship.


We all come to relationships with an emotional dowry that contains fears, anticipations, expectations, and your wounds, and your strengths. Supported by Channa, you will look very closely at various parts of yourself. Without judgement or prejudice, you can take note of your challenges and to map the changes you'd like to make.

 Module 2- Excavation of Belief Systems


We live in a culture where we receive mixed messages about sex, which affects how we feel about sex. Our own thoughts and limiting beliefs can be a barrier to experiencing desire.  With your coach, you will choose and recreate your beliefs about sex. How we connect to our partner has a lot to do with our sense of security growing up. This where our attachment style comes into play.



You will learn your and your partner’s attachment style and understand how it shows up in your romantic relationship. Certain attachment styles are linked to neediness. Neediness and desire cannot exist together. Your coach will empower you to expand, and to fill up your life with people, hobbies, and passions so that your relationship can once again prosper. 

 Module 3- Reconnecting to YOU


To have better sex- one must reconnect with that aliveness of themselves- trust, security, playfulness and imagination. It's not about the partner, it's about the self. If you are dead inside, then the other person can do a lot of things but it wont make a dent. Desire is the ability to stay connected to oneself while with another person. Love is about selflessness and desire is selfishness in the best sense of the world. It is a paradox that you will learn to balance. This module is an exploration into yourself. You will reconnect with what lights you up and what dims you so that you can re-ignite your internal spark. 


Module 4- Increasing Desire


This module teaches tangible, proven actions to increase desire in your relationship. We then move into the importance of responsiveness and how we can use the love languages to shift how you and your partner relate to each other. We often mistakenly believe that our partner/spouse speaks the same language we do and try to meet his/her needs using our language. This results in frustration and disappointment- which will eventually cause a relationship to disorganise and the desire subside.



Module 5- Cultivating Habits to Elevate Desire


It is quite common for long term relationships to feel stale. The great news is that you CAN spice things up and bring the passion back. Love requires action. Energy needs to put into the system to keep your love relationship from disorganising- which is the natural tendency. You have got to fight against that. You do that through habits. It's through repeated behaviors in your relationship that keep things hot, keeps things passionate, keeps things energetically moving in the right direction.


Module 6- Generative Communication


Generativity means that you give birth to something; that something emanates, comes out of this conversation.  You feel closer, more understood, more empathized with, validated and recognized and you do the same for the other.  Working with your coach, you are to elevate your communication skills. This includes verbal communication, and non-defensive communication. You will understand common bond breakers in communication and learn to eradicate any behaviour that is detrimental to your relationship. How you manage conflict will determine the health of your romantic relationship.


You will learn effective steps of conflict resolution and make your relationships emotionally deeper and stronger with simple actions.

Module 7- Out with the Old, In with the New


Humans are creatures of routine. It's time to break the stagnant patterns in your relationship that are holding you back from the playful dynamic that attracted you in the first place. You will learn to cultivate more spontaneity in your relationship. Spending time together is important for any relationship, and the type of activities you choose may determine how happy you will be together. Studies show that couples who share novel and exciting experiences report higher levels of satisfaction with their relationships.


Breaking your old routines can be scary, but it’s also essential to a healthy sexual relationship.  Your coach will work alongside you brainstorming special ideas to bring the zest back in your relationship!


Sandra, 42

Calgary, Canada


My husband and I have been married for 3 years, together for 8 and we have two children under the age of 5. Our sex life was non-existent before coming to Channa. We both have full time careers, and our kids have active lives. We were exhausted at days end and really weren’t connecting romantically. I had accepted this as normal and hoped one day we’d get back to being ‘us’. I saw an add on fb about re-igniting the spark, even after kids, and I became very hopeful. I spoke with Channa and enrolled. I began the program on my own, but after a couple weeks I had learned the skills to communicate my feelings with my partner and he ended up taking the program too. It’s the best investment we ever made. Our relationship is now hotter than it ever has been and we are really connecting all levels. Don’t settle for your relationship being mediocre. You deserve to feel alive! With the guidance of Channa, you will have the relationship you see in movies- PG rated 😉


Frederick, 45

San Francisco, California


I caught my wife sending spicy emails to a work associate. I was devastated. I guess I had understood on some level that our relationship had changed but I didn’t do anything about it. I was focused on my career. I had been trying to make partner at the law firm. I understand now she felt lonely and undesired by me and she looked for that validation elsewhere. I’m not condoning her choices, but I love her, and this was a real wake up call that I could lose her. I went searching for ways to get our relationship back on track and I came across relationship hero. I enrolled in the program and began the very next day. It wasn’t easy. There was a lot that I was resistant to but I am glad I stuck with it. Channa was very patient explaining things to me. I really liked understanding the psychology aspects of desire. As I started integrating the lessons into my relationship, I watched my wife shift. She became more affectionate, she softened, she lit up when I came in the room, and I in return found myself incredible thirsty for her. I hadn’t felt that way since we first met. I guess we both just stopped seeing each other the way we used to and I really took her for granted. My marriage is now back on track. And I did get partnership at the firm, it wasn’t a this or that situation. You really can have it all with the right navigation!


Samantha, 37

Sydney, Australia


I’ve been with my partner for 12 years. I love him dearly. I find him to be the most caring, self-less, genuine man, but I was no longer attracted to him. I desperately wanted to be. I couldn’t imagine life without him, but I just felt numb sensually to him. I found myself making excuses when he tried to initiate sex and then I would feel guilty for doing so. It wasn’t a good feeling. I wondered if there was way to re-ignite my desire, and thankfully there was! The 7 weeks I spent with Channa were the most transformational of my life. Not only is my relationship thriving sexually, but my whole life looks different. I feel like I am radiating happiness. It wasn’t anything my partner was doing, its that I was actually ‘turned off’. My inner spark had fizzled out and when I learned to ‘turn myself back on’, I became attracted to my partner. Thank you, Channa. You really changed my life for the better!


Investment $2500