Attracting Your Soulmate

Attracting Your Soulmate is a premium program designed for intelligent, driven, successful singles who are ready to attract and create the relationship they want with the right person – without compromising themselves. During this personal-development and action-oriented program, clients learn how to develop a whole new relationship with themselves, their lives, and the person to share their lives with.
We begin by illuminating limiting beliefs and reframing the meaning we have placed on past experiences so that we set the foundation to attract and accept love! You will elevate your confidence and how you feel and present yourself dating. We will use advanced communication skills, intuition, trust, and other tools so that you consciously choose a partner to commit to and not sabotage. You will become part of an exclusive private community on Facebook with other women who are on this path.
Attracting Your Soulmate teaches you how to fulfill your future vision of love!

Move On from Your Ex

A breakup doesn't just make you numb to everything; you still have feelings.We sometimes hold onto this person and ruminate for self-preservation, to protect ourselves from the emotional pain. This stunts your growth and your ability to fully move forward in a positive direction.
This work is not easy, it is challenging. You will learn to let go of your ex so you can evolve. You will heal your past and stop repeating old patterns that aren't getting you where you want to be. You will learn to update any myths you have about love and romance, and your own lovability. You will learn to 'level-up' so you become you own best partner. Most of all, you will experience forgiveness and freedom from heartache.
Remember: the greatest opportunities for growth in our lives come when we are the most uncomfortable. A tough breakup takes us way outside our comfort zones. That discomfort is your opportunity. Accept it, embrace it, and cherish it.

Get Turned On again!

When couples first get together, it is incredibly passionate. You can't keep your hands off each other. You want to spend all of your time together. You just enjoy each others company. Those first couple of years are smoking hot. Then, over time, the novelty wears off,  you get busy with jobs, social life or kids. All that passion, romance, and heat that used to be in the relationship become faded.


Often, this is how relationships go... From starting out with extraordinary potential to descending into mediocrity. That's the most common story with couples over the years. They naturally devolve into that state.


But it doesn't have to be this way...


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