WEEK 1 & 2Pain to Power


Acceptance is an important first step to bridging the gap between potential heartache and moving forward. It is to acknowledge your present situation, whatever it is, without judging the event. We subconsciously create suppression strategies so we don’t have to feel those unpleasant feelings. However, suppressing our emotions only gives us a short-term relief. We need to process our emotions in order to figure out how to manage them in the long term. Your coach will support you in cultivating emotion suppression awareness and in grieving the relationship in a healthy way. This breakup does not define you. It’s a simple chapter within your entire story.

WEEK 3 & 4: Breakup Rules & Understanding You


This module will cover 7 breakups rules to assist in your recovery and moving-on process. You will learn the science of how emotions work. We will work toward choosing alternative thoughts by understanding the breakup and reframing the meaning we may have placed upon it. A breakup doesn't just make you numb to everything; you still have feelings, and this can cause you to ruminate over an ex. Like true addiction, it can be very challenging to admit that you even have a problem.


Channa will empower you to leave "lala land" by understanding your obsession and cultivating distance and changed behavior. You will learn about your attachment style and how it has affected your relationships thus far, and learn to choose partners in alignment with your needs.

WEEK 5 & 6: Empower Yourself



Breakups can be unhealthy for your mind and your wellbeing. It is time to learn to enjoy your life again. Empowering yourself is very important to do after a breakup. The biggest barrier between you and the relationship you want and the partner you want is you. More specifically, a disowned/unloved part of yourself.




Once you get clear on the parts of yourself that you have rejected, and you embrace all of yourself fully, AMAZING things start to happen. The best part is, this can happen quickly. Your coach will guide you to shift the unconscious programming that has kept you stuck, getting involved with the wrong partners, will now be in the past where it belongs!

WEEK 7 & 8: Your Next Chapter



Learn the steps to romantic forgiveness. Forgiveness is the last step of letting go of a narrative that places judgment or blame. It is to stop telling ourselves repeatedly the story of what happened, what this person did, how we were hurt and all the rest of the things we remind ourselves of relating to what happened and this person. It's a decision to let the past be what it was. Forgiveness is ultimately about choosing to offer ourselves love and freedom. Now it's time to dust yourself off and move forward to something new. A new beginning. Your coach will guide you date differently and how to put yourself back out there in effective ways. Remember, it only takes one great person to really change our perspectives, but also to change our lives.


Emily, 27

Los Angeles, CA


I had been beating myself up for weeks over my breakup. Re-hashing the last week of the relationship over and over again in my head. I felt so much shame and was desperate for answers for what had gone wrong. My bf just stopped responding to me, and finally told me he wasn't in love with me anymore. I was devastated. It was affecting my work too. I had just landed a new job and was missing time because I couldn't get out of bed. I thought I would be sad forever. I was even calling him several times a day hoping he would take me back. This was a low point for me! I enrolled in the program and began doing the work. It wasn't easy and to be honest, I tried to quit halfway through. Channa encouraged me to keep going. She normalised the experience and helped me process my emotions constructively (I had started drinking a lot too). I am so glad I stuck with it. I feel happy again. My ex is a dud who has his own things to work through. It doesn't change who I am as a person or how great I am. I know this now. I am killing it at the new job and genuinely thriving!

Juanita, 38

Santiago, Chile


I have been in 7 relationships with the same man! We break up for the same reasons each time, and yet, I would still gloss over those reasons and convince myself that this time would be different. I was stuck in this negative cycle and I desperately wanted to get out of it once and for all but I felt powerless to do so. My ex had a hold on me. I joined this program and learned WHY I l kept going back and I learned HOW to break this destructive pattern. Channa was amazing. She was always so calm, which made me calm. She really empowered me and guided me to remember my true self. I started filling up my life again with new interests, reconnecting with friends, I even got a promotion at work. I feel like the Phoenix who rose above that toxic relationship. I am now dating someone new, it's going really well and it would never have been possible without the support and revelations that the program provided. Forever grateful!

Ryan, 42

New York, NY


Even though my breakup had happened nearly a year prior to beginning the program, I was really struggling to move on with my life. It is embarrassing to say that I was obsessing over my ex gf and her life. I was in a constant state of comparing myself to men I thought she could be dating or interested in. It was an awful feeling. I felt out of control. I knew it needed to stop. Channa was very understanding. I felt very comfortable. She didn't judge me at all. She actually explained to me the science behind why I was feeling the way I was and she helped me shift my mindset. If you asked me 2 months ago if it was possible to feel grateful for the breakup I would have said you were crazy, but I do. I can see now that the relationship wasn't actually what I wanted and that I do have a lot contribute in a relationship and in general. The breakup doesn't define me. I finally feel free. I'm excited about life again! Thank you Channa!