The Process

7 Easy Steps


Getting to know you!

It all starts with a 60-minute video session – a confidential conversation during which Channa can answer your questions and give you more details about the process. Then it’s her job to get to know you. She will learn what you’re looking for in a potential partner, what’s worked for you in past relationships and – just as importantly – what hasn’t worked. She will ask about your relationship goals, personal interests, hobbies and more. And not to worry, she’ll make it as easy and fun as possible. Channa incorporates cutting-edge, scientific research and latest advancements in relationship science with  DNA Chromosome Compatibility assessment. 


Bi-weekly coaching sessions

Channa believes in soul work in conjunction with goal work. We all have limiting beliefs and subconscious stories that often take the steering wheel in dating and relationships. It wouldn’t be in integrity to provide matches without also doing the deep dive to remove any cognitive blockages that have been holding her clients back from the love and the relationship they desire. The coaching is not an option, but mandatory. This greatly enhances the success rate to over 90%. 



Selecting your matches

Channa combines genetic Chromosome Compatibility and Kolbe personality results, matchmaker’s intuition with the information and feedback she has gathered from you in your conversations and what’s important to you, what’s worked, what hasn’t. All to help her find you the right match. Channa is committed to knowing her clients, not just on paper, but on a true human level thanks to her regular interaction and communication with you. She sources your matches from her internal database, external dating platforms and through collaborative partnerships she has with the World's top matchmaking agencies. 


Meet your dates face to face

Channa believes the best way to determine connection with someone is to meet face-to-face, so she’ll arrange a low-pressure date for you and your match. Think of her as your dating concierge and leave the details to her. She will arrange everything, including the time and place. She will work with your schedule and availability. Her goal is to always create an environment that makes getting to know your match as easy and as fun as possible. Channa keeps your private information private. Matches will not have your last name, phone number or email address prior to meeting. 


Call with feedback

If you make plans to get together again with your date – or if you even think they may be “the one” – GREAT! But no matter how your date goes, it’s important you give Channa your feedback, impressions, likes and dislikes, etc. This is an essential part of the process. From everything you tell her, she’ll fine-tune your future matches, as she is always looking to improve your experience.


Hold time

Sparks? Great! Contact Channa to let her know you are going to give your new relationship some time to blossom. Of course, not every match is a success. But Channa’s signature dating approach will renew your excitement and optimism about finding someone special. Through her matching selection process and the intensive coaching, she is stacking the odds in your favor. So, no sparks? No problem. She will get to work arranging your next date. Your membership comes with 3 months of hold time.


Have fun!

Matchmaking is equal parts science, art, craft, experience and instinct. And if Channa has learned anything in her 15 years, the best approach to dating is to have fun at every step and enjoy the adventure of meeting someone new.




Karen, 54

London, England


I met Channa at an Entrepreneurial retreat in London. I was very skeptical about dating. However, over the weekend, getting to know her, and feeling her warm, caring nature, I decided to give it a go. Ironically, the first man she introduced me ended up being the one. We continued coaching weekly for 3 months and she saved my relationship more times than I can count. My fear of getting hurt kept looking for reasons why it wouldn't work and I was sabotaging it. Channa helped me identify the real source of my fear, which had nothing to do with Greg at all, and heal it. I was able to accept Greg's love and commitment to me, and I have never been happier!! If you are considering Matchmaking, I highly encourage you to work with Channa. She is on the ball, efficient, and extremely supportive. 

Matthew, 42

Toronto, Canada


I had worked with another matchmaking service locally prior to working with Channa. It was awful. I wasn't able to see photos of who I was meeting, and even when they didn't sound like my type, I was pressured into meeting them anyways. It was a complete waste of money and my time. I felt like they were just sending me out on dates to meet the quotas they had to fulfill on the ladies memberships. I am a CEO and time is not something I have to spare. I chose to work with Channa because A- Structure- I had full control over who I met- I saw pics and if I said no, she would ask why, to understand, and then move on. Also, she guaranteed results. I felt like a human, not a number. B- She is a happy, fun woman to work with. She made what was once a stressful experience into something I really enjoyed. I will admit, I have high standards, lol, it took us about 5 months of working together until I met Susana. When you know, you know!! Thanks Channa!

Alfred, 61

Brisbane, Australia


I had put dating on the back burner for the past couple years. I am a very busy surgeon, I travel a lot to speak at various conferences. My marriage ended 3 years ago, and it was very painful. I am looking at retirement in the next few years, and really wanted someone to enjoy life with- travel, romantic dinners, deep conversations... I was flexible about location because I have the means to relocate for the right person. Channa was able to focus on 5 of my top-choice cities and was always very detail oriented, thorough and flexible with her availability to accomodate my own hectic schedule.  I asked June to marry me last week, and she said Yes! I never thought at 61 I would be getting married again. Such a pleasant surprise. Life really has a beautiful way of working out! 

Fiona, 47

Vancouver, Canada


I had been scammed in the past by a matchmaker. I paid them $15,000, and then I barely heard a peep out of them. When I would pressure them and ask for a refund, they would then say they had a date for me- which would be the total opposite of what I had discussed with them during my intake. I decided to work with Channa because of her ethics. She was very compassionate about my past experience, and she detailed how she was different than other companies in her Consumer's guide to matchmaking (which I WISH I had read years ago) and her contract. She guaranteed communication once a week, coaching, and that she would work with me until I was happy. She did all that and more! Not many businesses in the world put the consumer first, but Channa does. Not only did she find me the most incredible partner, but she also restored my faith in humanity xoxo