Module 1: Avoiding Breakup Mistakes


The goal of module 1 is to help you set yourself up for optimal results by identifying any common breakup mistakes that may be occurring...and cease them.

I really get to know you and your personal situation. Everything from what really happened to what you’re really struggling with. We then help create a personalized strategy to help you work on getting your ex back.

 Sharing your story, we’ll also work together to overcome limiting excuses, beliefs, and interpretations that tear you away from reconnecting with your life and your ex.

Module 2: Taking Accountability


You will discover how to avoid making the same mistakes as you have in the past. A relationship is a dance that takes 2. You are responsible for your 50%. The only way for a relationship to work again with your ex, is for you both to have done the work to heal the dysfunction that led to the breakup in the first place. We will take a very honest look at what you did well, and also what areas need improvement. We will practice compassion for your ex and aim to understand how they could perceive the relationship prior to it disorganising. 

Module 3: Healing Emotional Scars


Negative core beliefs are the unconscious silent killers that attract painful situations into your life, including pushing your ex away from your life. We will uncover and rewrite the unconscious beliefs that sabotage your life and any chance of having a healthy relationship with your ex.


Negative emotions can secretly sabotage any attempts you make to get back with your ex in a healthy and lasting way.


I will guide on how to identify and process difficult emotions that keep you trapped in patterns of pain, conflict and inaction. You’ll also get clarity, peace of mind and a greater possibility of getting back together with your ex in a healthy manner. As you become increasingly aware of your feelings, they begin to show you what is true. You won’t feel stuck or confused. In this phase you will be guided to feel and know your inner emotional truth and how to overcome the projections that bring on unnecessary pain.


Module 4: Your New Beginning


We create a new, more empowering story from the ground up. We create a story that will rewrite your life based on facts and not interpretations that bring resentment, shame, guilt, anger, sadness into your relationships and life.


This is where a more attractive, powerful you starts to take form.



In this last phase, you will integrate the entire program to experiencing the confidence, freedom, happiness and relationships you want, including with your ex. You will take your power back. You’ll no longer be controlled by your past or your ex’s reactions and focus on achieving what you truly want with your ex and your life.


Investment: $2500