Workshops and Retreats


JULY 2020, Tigh-Na-Mara, Vancouver Island

Life is short, far too short to not have the relationship you truly desire. At Channa Bromley’s 3 day, full immersion retreat, you will get clarity on what you truly desire. Release emotions and situations that are holding you back. Learn tools that create lasting change and give you a mindset makeover. Connect with other like-minded incredible women.


This luxurious, and rejuvenating weekend begins with a helicopter ride from downtown Vancouver to the Resort. You will enjoy an exquisite menu, mineral pools, and be fully engaged in workshops, including creating your very own natural, aphrodisiac perfume, painting, dance, and so much more! Special guest speaker will be announced soon!! 


Receive tons of love and guidance from Channa and her team of highly sought-after peak performance coaches!



It is quite common for long term relationships to feel stale. The great news is that you CAN spice things up and bring the passion back. When we first start dating there is so much spontaneity- there is no routine, no excuses, just a desire to be in one another's presence. As the relationship progresses and each partner becomes more comfortable, it is not unusual for couples to get swept up in routine. Often times, couples stop prioritising novelty. You need to put effort into the relationship to keep your love relationship from disorganising- which is the natural tendency. You have got to fight against that. 


 What's the best way to do that?


It's through intentional and repeated behaviors in your relationship that keep things hot, keeps things passionate, keeps things energetically moving in the right direction. 


This 5 day retreat is the perfect time to reconnect! You will develop new and sustainable connection practices. No work. No kids. You and your partner will focus on each other and your relationship goals. Don't worry, it won't be all work and no play!! Play and engaging in new activities together is pivotal in maintaining a thriving relationship! Which is why you are going to learn to surf! Couples that surf together, stay together. Or something like that ;)


Channa and her team of professional love experts are going to revamp your relationship through workshops, coaching sessions, and loads of fun!