dna can be used to improve your relationship

It Really Is Chemistry


Through DNA testing, we are able to determine genetic, biological compatibility leading to choosing partners with the highest success of marital stability, increased physical attraction, and orgasm strength & frequency. The probability for successful, long-lasting romantic relationships is greatest when couples have high genetic compatibility. 


If already coupled up, understanding your partner's emotional behavior through DNA testing is the key to successfully dealing with relationship challenges, solving problems and better communication. Gene variants are linked to emotional behaviors such as motivation, leadership, empathy, stress tolerance, well-being, impulsivity, and happiness.


Genetics is the roadmap to navigating each other's emotional behaviours by providing the information that it would organically take years to determine.


With this knowledge, couples coaching can then empower couples with ways to work with their DNA results. 


Chromosome Compatibility provides you with cutting edge, scientific research, and latest advancements in relationship science leading you to meaningful, lasing love!