WEEK 1: Dating Diagnostic


We will define your dating goals and complete an evaluation of your current dating strategy, and any existing profiles covering strengths and weaknesses. We will revamp and position you effectively on chosen platforms. Channa will write your bio, choose the best photos and take care of setting up your new online account. You will additionally be added to her matchmaking database!

 WEEK 2: Taking Inventory of Your Beliefs


As a subconscious protective measure, we form stories about what happened in our lives, and these stories often interpret reality in a way that softens the blow to our self-worth. These stories, or interpretations of past events, lead us to adopt beliefs that may help us stay safe from emotional pain.




The beliefs become problematic by holding us back from the life we truly desire.

Every human has had struggle, we learn through contrast. In order to get to the light, we must know the dark.


WEEK 3: Acceptance


Now that your dating limiting beliefs have been illuminated, we are going to dive a little deeper into the genesis, cost and payoffs of these beliefs so that we can re-frame these experiences. Acceptance is the foundation for this work. Change happens only when we move into acceptance. Real transformation including finding your partner in shine takes place first on the inside, and then on the outside.


WEEK 4: Your Dating RoadMap


Creating a new dating roadmap is essential for getting different relationship results. Vision is important to connect to so that you continue to feel that inspiration and that pull of motivation. Vision is having a picture of who you want to be and how you want to feel in your future. You don’t need to know all the specifics, just the essence of how you want to feel and show up. Your purpose is to learn and grow.

WEEK 5: Elevate Your Status


It's time to become the type of woman that you would want to meet, date, and possibly marry. It's time to really get to know you, and it's time to expand. We will create a sustainable plan to elevate your status and be more attractive and interesting on the dating scene. It all starts and ends with YOU!


WEEK 6: Authenticity


Authenticity and making self honoring choices allow you to show up better on your dates and in your relationships. It's easy to slip back into old, limiting belief patterns. We often have blind spots in our own lives, and therefore this module is focused on screening, connecting to and trusting your internal compass, and taking inventory of current match selections to ensure they really are in alignment with your dating road map and relationship vision.


WEEK 7: Projection


Dating can be so much fun! But it can also be harrowing, weird, tiring, and bring up a lot of feelings. Relationships can be our greatest teachers and catalysts for our personal growth. Most people get triggered or annoyed but there is a way to minimize it and no longer suffer from these thought processes. All people are mirrors. Anything we see in someone else is reflecting to us something that resides within ourselves that we don't see or don't want to acknowledge. There is tremendous learning in using both negative and positive projections as tools.


We will additionally cover advanced communication skills and learning to see dating from a higher perspective.



Maurine, 52

Harrisburg, PA


I would definitely recommend ATTRACTING YOUR SOULMATE programme - Channa has designed a constructive course and has made me feel at ease in opening up to her. I had never realised that I was limiting myself in so many ways until taking on this programme - there were many “aha” moments! Channa has a beautiful way of remaining calm and centred whilst delivering key messages of the programme and a lot of the times I would feel her peace and enthusiasm projected on to me. I am now actively putting the effort to find love within myself which is now strongly aligned with my connection.

Audrey, 36

New York, NY


This program was one of the best investments I've ever made. I kept attracting toxic and destructive relationships and I was starting to feel like I'd be alone forever. I've taken other personal mastery courses in the past, but none were laser focused on how my limiting beliefs affected my love life... or lack thereof. Aside from breaking down my cognitive blockages to love, I learned how to position myself to attract the type of men I wanted. I am happy to say I am now in a happy relationship, and looking forward to so many fun events together. Our birthdays are actually a week apart and we are planning a joint party in Aug with all our friends and family. Thank you Channa!

Nancy, 27

Vancouver, BC


I used to dread dating. I had tried nearly every app in existence and I could not find any man I was interested in. I thought all the good ones were taken. It turns out, they were not taken, I just was not able to see them because I had subconscious stories about love dictating what and who showed up on my dating "menu". I had a lot of childhood wounds, and I had no idea they were affecting my love life. The deep inner work with Channa wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. I feel like I'm on the Bachelorette lol I have so many options right now and am taking my time getting to really know the men... and myself! I'm very grateful to Channa for pulling me out of the dating quicksand and changing my entire perspective about love!


Georgia, 45

Sydney, Australia


I feel mind-blown. I loved this program! I was really nervous initially and to be honest a bit embarrassed that I was struggling in this area of my life. I am well established professionally yet I kept ending up in relationships where I was settling. Channa was understanding, supportive and compassionate and even though we did intensive emotional work, she still made it fun and engaging. I feel mind-blown from the aha moments I discovered about myself and my own lovability. Happy to announce, my love life has now caught up to my already rockin' life. Me and the Mister just home from our first trip together in Tulum! I am really happy I put my ego aside and invested in myself and my future (now present day) happiness!


Lucy, 34

Alexandria, VA


A life-changing program for me. ATTRACTING YOUR SOULMATE has been a life-changing program for me. I have examined and faced my insecurities and now working towards understanding those insecurities. Channa has guided me to be more thoughtful about the people I am interacting with and to be an advocate for myself. I am sad to be at the end of the program as I have truly looked forward to and enjoyed our weekly calls.