7 Practices to Infuse Your Life with Magic

Imagine waking up every morning with childlike excitement for the day ahead. 
Imagine going about your day, anticipating synchronicity, awaiting magic, expecting miracles. 
Imagine absolutely loving your body, your spirit, your self. 
Imagine absolutely loving your LIFE. 

A life filled with magic and joy is not a pipe dream, rather, it’s our birthright. As children, we understood this and as we got older, and piled on the responsibilities, the labels, and the roles, we lost that knowing. We lost that excitement. We lost that zest. 
The road to a life of awe and wonder starts and ends with you. You are the only thing 
standing in the way of all that’s possible. It is your lack of belief, of trust, of love of yourself that stands between you and your most magical life. 

Your magical life is waiting for you. And self-love is the gateway there. 

The following 7 practices will guide you to the most amazing journey of your life… the journey back home to your magical self.


1.      Turn your scars into stars: We have all faced challenges in our lives and a lot of us are still carrying that pain with us daily. I believe we have a choice. I believe we can choose to find lessons in every single experience…even the painful ones. This shift in perception is what “A Course in Miracles” refers to AS a MIRACLE. Finding the gift amongst hardships shines light onto what was dark. Crisis is a call to evolve. It’s an opportunity for growth. There is LOVE in every experience, once you see it, you’ve invited the magick in.


2.      Move: Your body is your temple. It is your instrument to fulfill your divine purpose in service to others and the world. It’s vital to keep it strong and standing. Loving your body externally and being gracious for all that it does for you instills a humble confidence within us. Confident people know who they are, they work to build others up because they value themselves.  No matter what your age or size, movement can help you achieve greater physical and mental fulfillment. Dance, hit the gym, do yoga, hike, unicycle…however you feel called…move!


3.      Eat the Rainbow: I’m not talking about Skittles! It’s very important to eat clean and REAL food. There is not one nutritional method that works for everyone, however, superfoods, raw fruits and vegetables have the highest vibrational qualities and these foods will help you to connect to Spirit more easily.


4.      Tune in: Having a strong spiritual outlook may help you find meaning in life’s difficult circumstances. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life reminds us of our shared human experience and cultivates an understanding of oneness, compassion, forgiveness and love.

There are a million ways to connect to Source. Spiritual practice does not necessarily mean silence for hours. It’s essential to create your own individualised spiritual practice that fits into your daily life so that it is consistent and efficient. Some great options are; angel cards, gratitude journaling, meditation, mantras, yoga, crystals, audios, books, prayer, coloring, and music. Find the perfect fit for you!


5.      Find your Coven: It’s very important and valuable for people to be part of a like-minded community as they begin to step into an entirely new realm of what’s possible for them in their life. We all get discouraged at times, belonging to a community of like and love minded people will provide assistance, guidance and advice during these times. The right tribe will be non-judgemental and highly motivational. Being accountable to a group moves us into action and helps us stay consistent in our efforts, it allows us to expand and surpass the expectation we place upon ourselves. Community allows us to have a whole team of cheerleaders rooting for us and to also be on others cheer squad and encourage their progress as well!


6.      Take a Soul Adventure: Fun is important! Let your inner child out! Create! Laugh! Be silly! Play! As children we always were drawing, writing, singing, imagining, laughing…we planted seeds of magick everywhere we went. We BELIEVED in that magick. Get to know the magick inside of you once again. What excites you? What are you truly passionate about?


7.      Visit Nature: It’s important to take time away from your day-to-day to recharge and replenish, to turn off and to tune in. It’s essential to spend time in nature, an environment for transformation. Open your eyes, yet see through your heart. Spirit is the greatest artist.  Take time to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us; the blue sky, the clouds, the trees, mountains, the hues of the flowers…. Without any effort on our part, time in nature has profound healing effects and naturally harmonizes our energetic centers and allows our consciousness to rise up.


These self-love practices are the gateway to a life of magic, wonder and light. Blessed Be.