ANTI-AGE ME: How to Develop Positive Body Image

A good body image is an essential part of our whole health; mind, body and spirit. Body image is how you view your physical self — including whether you feel you are attractive and whether others like your looks. Many people have a poor body image even if they have what might be considered an ideal body type. This comes from a lack of self-love. Love is our true essence and when we are lacking then we are not in alignment with our authentic, spiritual selves.

We are spiritual beings living a human experience, but part of that human experience is to acknowledge that we are more than our physical bodies. It is to realize our etheric bodies, our soul. Your body is your temple in which your spirit resides in and takes action through.

Many women nowadays are a slave to food and the mirror. Mealtime is not supposed to be a prison, we are not meant to count calories and hold ourselves in this restrictive mind-set. We are meant to nourish ourselves with whole foods from the earth and to eat intuitively.

It’s not uncommon to see exercise as a form of self-abuse. Many women are spending countless hours at the gym in an attempt to “burn calories” and to find self-acceptance by straining themselves to be something different than their present state. We are perfect right now, all of us! Fitness when used appropriately is a spiritual practice that raises your vibration and increases happiness. Exercise should be like having a conversation with your body and spirit. It should be personal, intimate, holy, and not boring and painfully repetitive.

There is so much more to life than calorie counts and numbers on the scale. We when focus on such things we are truly limiting ourselves. We are powerful creatures and co-creators of our reality. Our thoughts are best served focusing on service to others, being creative and sharing our divine gifts.

Eating disorders are on the rise and stem largely from poor body image. It is estimated that 8 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder. I understand it can be difficult with so much societal pressure threatening to disrupt self-esteem. Thoughts like “My body is ugly” or “I’m not perfect the way I am” or “I’ll never be beautiful” can permeate our minds unless we program ourselves with healthy thoughts that affirm both our inner and outer beauty.

Much of this destructive self-talk has been brewing since childhood. But we can change this and empower generations to come by adapting self-love principles ourselves and sharing them with our children.

A good body image is when you feel good about how your body looks and feels. It’s important to love your body and appearance just as it is. Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay write about massaging the body to show it love and affection. When you show something love, it will respond by being its best.

Teaching your children to love their bodies with tools such as positive affirmations, “I love my body”, and “I am beautiful” as toddlers will create positive mindsets about their bodies and become a habitual way of thinking. When citing affirmations looking into a mirror they become even more powerful and beneficial. At bath time, have your children repeat after you, “I love you legs”, “I love you arms”, “I love you tummy”, etc. Make learning to love all parts of their body a fun, positive experience.

Set an example for your children and be willing to change your own thought patterns; for yourself and for the collective consciousness. You can change the world by changing yourself. We are all interconnected. We can teach ourselves to love our bodies- if we teach our children to love theirs we will change society and empower future generations.

As adults, it may take us practice to love our bodies but it can be done. Habitual thinking patterns can be changed with willingness and practice. Empowering statements can be said every morning and every evening, it starts and ends the day on a positive note. Think about the joyful times in your life and how your body was there for you during these times. It’s important to show appreciation and gratitude for this magnificent instrument that is in servitude of the divine will. When we are in gratitude, how can we be miserable?

Thoughts are very powerful forms of energy. Beautiful is a frame of mind. Focus on the good. This is the law of love and the law of attraction. Self-love will raise your vibrational frequency bringing you closer in connection with Source. ONLY LOVE IS REAL. This is vital to remember in terms of self-love. Any negative rantings of the little ego mind are all fear based and not in alignment with your true self. Negative thoughts only carry you further away from your life’s purpose.

As we love our bodies more and more each day we can be more open to the love of others and that’s what life is all about; to love and to be loved.

We came here to Earth school to learn how to love, especially ourselves.


Sparkle: To Be Happy, Healthy, Authentic, Living with Passion and to know one’s own Beauty.